graduate programEducational Leadership (M.Ed.)

This program is currently not accepting applicants as it is undergoing redesign in order to meet the new tiered certification requirements of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

The M.Ed. degree in educational leadership is designed for those who want to work in school administrative positions. This program prepares students for school leadership positions using a set of academic and field experiences that provide basic knowledge and skills. Students learn about the social and cultural foundations of education, child psychology, management and school operations and action research for school leaders.

Course description and classes

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The program is developed around a set of academic experiences that provide basic knowledge and skills for educational leadership positions. The master’s degree program of study includes EPEL 7000 and EPEL 7330. These courses serve as prerequisites for the performance-based specialist in educational leadership. Candidates seeking a stronger understanding of the knowledge base underpinning the field of education in general and the field of educational leadership specifically should apply to the program.
A sample program of study can be found below.

Year 1

Spring – Ed.S. Prerequisites: EPEL 7000 Leadership in Organizational Culture (3)
EPEL 7330 School Law (3)
Summer - Select ONE from each area of Professional Studies:
EPSF 7110 OR EPSF 7120 (3)
EPY 7080 OR EPY 7090 (3)
EPRS 7900 OR EPRS 7900 OR EPRS 7910 OR EPRS 7920 (3)
Fall – EPEL 7680A – Data Analysis for School Leaders (3)
EPSF 7450 – Curriculum Foundations for Educational Leaders (3)

Year 2

Spring - EPEL 7500 – Human Resource Management and School Operations (3)
EPEL 7410 – Instructional Leadership (3)
Summer - Elective – Select ANY 7000 level course or higher with advisor approval
EPEL 7680B Practicum Seminar: Action Research for School Leaders (3)
EPEL 7020 Leadership for a Diverse Society (3)

Transfer hours for the master's degree in educational leadership (M.Ed.) are reviewed on an individual basis. Candidates seeking transfer credit should contact Dr. Jami Berry at and be prepared with a course description, syllabus, and official transcript. Courses will only be considered for transfer credit if they are five years old or younger.
No. The master's degree in educational leadership (M.Ed.) does NOT fulfill the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s ( requirements for initial leadership certification, nor does the degree program qualify graduates for a bump from T4 to T5 certification.

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